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I began to think about the stresses some of my horses have during their training, showing and traveling, and it led me on a path of discovery. CBD works with people, and dogs and cats; why wouldn’t it work with horses?

In my experience, much harder medications are used to help Maintain Normal Balance and Sense of Relaxation horses. I wanted something that was natural, gentle and proven to really work.  My selfish search for my own solutions had developed into a grander idea, and as I started testing and identifying effective dosages, I began to see great results.

Pinnacle Ranch Wellness was created to provide the easiest, safest and most effective daily dosage of CBD product for our horses. Our performance horses are athletes and we ask a lot from them. They might need Help Maintaining Physical and Mental Well-Being for many reasons or need Help Relieve Issues Associated with Normal Daily Exercise and Activity.

We have been doing this with foods, choosing organic and whole foods to make us healthier – and that is why we are focusing so much on our animals.

If we can replace chemical-based medications with a natural and long proven plant-based product in their whole and natural state with no side effects, why not give it a try?

The thing I liked most is that the horses did not physically change in a negative way. CBD does not cause a high – it contains ZERO THC. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that offers an extensive number of potential therapeutic benefits.

Some of the key benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, analgesic and seizure suppressant properties. The effect of CBD is subtle, but you will see that it will calm their anxiety and help focus without impacting their performance.

We are in control of all aspects of this product from SEED TO SALE. This ensures that every step of the way we can manage purity and all ingredients to ensure that its 100% Natural and Safe. Pinnacle Ranch Wellness uses an independent third-party lab to ensure potency and quality, free of THC, pesticides, biological contaminants, heavy metals and any residual solvents.

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