We’re committed to always practicing transparency to our consumers. That’s why we are now ensuring that product information can be clearly accessed via the links below. In addition, QR codes will be added to every bottle of Pinnacle Ranch Wellness™ products leading to a dedicated page that contains information on each batch of the product, and certificates of analysis.


Pinnacle Ranch is produced using a “seed to sale” process, which means that the CBD in our product is traced from the farm where it was grown, to the facility that processes it into isolate, and finally to the creation of our CBD products. This provides our customers with a clear and traceable chain of custody, ensuring that all mandated safety measures and laws are followed, and that any questions or issues can be quickly and efficiently traced and dealt with accordingly.


End-to-end GMP certified process begins with rigorous hemp testing. Our network of partnered cultivators adheres to the highest standards and farming practices in the industry, ensuring a reliable supply of the highest-quality CBD biomass.


Throughout our production process, we thoroughly analyze every product through a third-party lab. Using these advanced quality assurance methods, we can guarantee our products are free of solvents, microbials, additives, pesticides or toxic chemicals, while delivering a consistent experience every time.


We test EquineKalm for consistent dosage and to be sure our product is free of contaminants. Scan the QR code on the package to instantly access a certificate of analysis. It’s an extra layer of trust and transparency you deserve.


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