CBD products – How they differ and how to compare

I really enjoy engaging with people that already have accepted CBD as an alternative.

Even if they are using another product, they are happy with, I only hope my conversation is both a source of learning and expanding on CBD, how its being used and how its being used with horses.

At times I get comments about price, and its hard to respond without sounding defensive.  Trust me I have no reason to be defensive, I just want to understand that the price is compared to dosage, process and testing.

In order to have a conversation regarding price of a product there are several factors that need to come into the conversation.

  1. Process – With my horses the #1 thing I needed to know was that it has a Certificate of Analysis
    1. We do third-party laboratory testing for potency, microbial contamination, and pesticides to ensure purity on all our finished products. Safety and consistency are paramount to the EquineKALM brand.
    2. The certificates are made available – on every bottle of EquineKALM there is a QR code that takes you to the labs report
  2. mg of CBD per dosage – This is important when comparing products because the only way to compare products is to compare the dosage of CBD.
    1. The “effective dosage” is 250mg – that is the Daily dosage
    2. The “cost of the product” is the CBD
  3. Ease of administration – I searched for something before creating this product that would be easy to administer. I saw a lot of oils, product that can be sprinkled on food, treats etc. but was not able to find any that I felt fit all the things I was looking for.

Recently I was told your product is pricey.. Of course I asked what product that person was using, I was given a name, so I went to the website.  The “comparable” product was an oil tincture for horses so I went to look at the CBD content in mg in order to compare.  Naturally I found differences

  • The other product contains 5000 mg cost $399.00
    • They recommend giving the horse (2 pump) approx. 40mg per day
    • Based on this recommendation, this would last for 3 Months
  • EquineKALM 30-day package contains 7500 mg and costs $239.99– and there is still a 20% discount using codeword alongfortheride
    • We found the effective dosage is 250mg per day
    • Our product comes in 125 mg tablets, they are apple flavored “sweet tarts” added right into the grain there is nothing to get lost in the food as an oil or powder. This means that they digest 100% of the CBD
  • Apples to apples price comparison
    • Just to compare there is 33% less CBD and it costs 40% more
    • To level the price, I break down mg/price
      • Other product cost per mg = .0799
      • EquineKALM price per mg = .0319
    • Straight up price comparison – EquineKALM is 60% less expensive


mg for mg – EquineKALM is already the most affordable product I can find.

Effective dosage matters too.  Are you getting results with less?  Great – keep doing it.  If you feel its working than you are happy!

Included in this is the purity, transparency and ease of administration.  I developed it for my own horses!  Since I have launched it, I have been offering discounts to give people the chance to try it with less risk – because at this stage of CBD – its important to see results and I am confident that if you try EquineKALM – you will be happy.

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